MSCAPES is proud to offer a luxury glamping experience that will impress any guest. We offer turn-key glamping packages to meet the needs of any clientele. Packages include tent or micro-home structures with interior schemes available for assorted markets. If you can not find what you are looking for, we are happy to create a fully customizable glamping experience that is perfect for you!


As members of the Outdoor Hospitality Consortium, we can connect you to a specialist with years of experience in architecture, zoning, and planning. This trained professional will guide you through the initial stages of the project and help you navigate the often complex planning process. We’ve developed structures to streamline and expedite the planning process, getting you one step closer to your outdoor hospitality dream.


Our Mscapes structures are designed with Mother Earth in mind, including base platforms that leave the smallest footprint possible. Plus, some of our platforms and structures can be easily moved to another location or removed when no longer needed. With Mscapes, you can enjoy your outdoor space while protecting the environment. Best of all, our podiums are dependable and easy to install, with no clear-cutting, no grading, and a small footprint on the Earth. Your sustainable outdoor hospitality journey is easy for you and safe for our environment.


Consider prefabricated units like Nomad! With one of the shortest time-to-market opening dates in the industry, you can get up and running in a short time. Plus, there are options to fit your unique style, from soft-sided units to geodesic domes and A-frames. Want to be environmentally conscious? Choose units featuring sustainable materials. And for those who want a luxurious touch, even 5-star tents or prefabricated structures with interiors in place are available. The possibilities are endless, so let’s get started on creating your dream space!


Our sustainable interior design packages featuring bamboo furniture are just what you need. With options ranging from Silver to Platinum, you can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget. Mscapes has got you covered with everything from flooring to kitchenettes, and our dedicated supply chain ensures that we’re always providing the best hospitality products to this growing market. Make your guests feel right at home in their outdoor retreat with our top-of-the-line designs. Contact us today to learn more!

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